Train Like A B*****d

I was at the gym tonight, for the second time today, and chatting to my mate Big Al about training.
The same question arose as with most conversations – “How’s the rowing going?”

I explained I hadn’t been putting in the metres recently and had been concentrating on my 5 x 5 powerlifting.
I’d taken some time out off the erg, lifting heavy weight (well, for me it felt heavy), thickening and strengthening my muscles fibres, thereby theoretically improving my rowing.

I was still on my erg twice per week but nothing compared to the 5 mornings I was doing this time last year. I’d get up at 5.00am and rack up 30-60km per week!

I’d let it slip big time and the stats on my Concept2 computer screen was reflecting it. My split times was miserable, even with my stronger muscles. It was time to get back to it.

It’s tough getting the balance right – the fine line between busting a gut and seeing results along with getting enough rest and recovery. But I reckon I’ve sussed it now…..

There is no cheating the training!
3 valuable sources have cemented my thoughts:

  1. Eat & Run by Scott Jurek
  2. Born To Run by Christopher McDougall
  3. Ross Edgley in his #DoMoreInYour24 campaign.

Sure, the first 2 aren’t rowing but they’re 2 of the best endurance athletes to hit the ultra marathon community.  They trained relentlessly, putting in the miles every single day even when they didn’t want to.

Ross Edgley, in his latest Facebook post this evening also confirmed my thoughts – ” A higher work capacity means you can tolerate higher training “stimuli” and “stress”.
But here lies the problem. Too often the world of fitness places too much emphasis on minimalism, specificity and recovery. We seem to forget that eventually you just have to do more work. It’s that simple. Too many people place TOO much emphasis on rest days and then are surprised when they plateau …..”. “When this happens, more often than not the solution is JUST do more.”


I’m now back on it every morning and have been for the last 2 weeks.  It sucks, my hands hurts, as does my bum and my lungs.
I don’t care if I feel like crap and don’t want to row. Tough doo doo LT.  I’ve got 4,800 miles to row next year! There’s no hacking that.

It’s like my friend Big Al said: “Train like a bastard!”