Bear Grylls Survival Race Fundraising Event


A few weeks ago, I got myself in a right pickle.  I was feeling really low, had very little money to survive and was wondering how I was going to get myself in a position to be physically, mentally and more importantly, financially able to row around Great Britain. (I am needing to generate £21,000 to make it happen).

The final balance of my Round Great Britain Row deposit was due, and I was struggling to buy food let alone pay the remaining £2,000.

I was feeling truly crap!

Then came an offer.  An offer to work at the Bear Grylls Survival Race in Manchester.  I was unsure whether to say yes, as I had arranged to see my dad that weekend, a date that had been in the diary for 6 weeks or more.  But with the need for some financial income, I cancelled and said yes.

14590105_662337840601748_474126343937291793_oI am constantly amazed with how the puzzle pieces of my life fit together…… In short,  at work in Manchester, I got chatting to the Managing Director of the race and he offered me 200 tickets for the Bear Grylls Race in London coming up in just 2 weeks.  All the proceeds he would donate towards my Great British Rowing Challenge to raise money for the RNLI.  I snapped his hand off immediately and got straight to work.
95 tickets were sold for the ‘Atlantic Wave’, and along with donations on the day, a total of £1,199.12 was generated to put towards my Rannoch GB Challenge, and a further £87.77 raised for the RNLI.

As the runners of the ‘Atlantic Wave’ ran the 30k obstacle course, I rowed 30k on my rowing machine, joined by 2 world record holders, Ian Wilde and Dimos Georgiades from Sub 7 Indoor Rowing Club.

The day was incredible!  And those horrible sad feelings?  They are long gone!
Deposit paid – I am back in the game!

Oh yeah… did I mention?? I got a 10k PB too! : )

Photos from the day can be found here.

Thank you to everyone that took part, supported and donated – I appreciate it so so much x