Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon

11/05/17 My goodness. I have been meaning to write this post for months. Perhaps even years. I don’t think I have ever grabbed my laptop quicker than I just did to write this post. I was mindlessly (embarrassed to say that) scrolling though Facebook and saw this (picture below). I recognised it instantly – Raynaud’s phenomenon.   I am no doctor, neither am I a nutritionist so … Continue reading Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon

100km Indoor Rowing World Record

09/05/17 On Saturday, I joined the Sub 7 indoor rowing team, to set a new World record for fastest time to row 100km. Rowing for 20 strokes at maximum effort and then having 4.5 minutes rest for 5.5 hours non-stop was tougher than I thought. We rowed 100km in 5:36:30.5 and now have confirmation from Concept2 that we are World record holders 🏆 Thank you to David … Continue reading 100km Indoor Rowing World Record


After the success of my February Challenge, The #SugarFreeFeb gang and I decided to continue with another monthly challenge: The 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge! (click the link on the text above the read where the idea came from). I’d already decided and started this challenge mid- late February after listening to Scott Carney’s What Doesn’t Kill Us audiobook. Amazingly, as I was about to suggest … Continue reading 30 DAY COLD SHOWER CHALLENGE – March 2016

TOUGH GUY The Original 2017

If you would prefer to skip straight the video, head to the bottom of this post ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ It seems that entering challenges without notice might become a thing. Maybe I stitched myself up with one my latest posts about saying yes to opportunity and tempted fate on this one??? For the past 2 years I have headed to the annual Winter Tough Guy, The Original Obstacle Race in … Continue reading TOUGH GUY The Original 2017

A Very Micro Microadventure

19/02/17 After a very busy few weeks focusing on fundraising and sponsorship, teamed with the dark winter mornings and evenings, I was getting itchy feet for an adventure. With limited time, energy and finances, my housemate and I decided to do the tiniest of microadventures and set up camp just 12 metres from our front door in our garden. It was just the thing I needed to blow … Continue reading A Very Micro Microadventure