If you or your company would like to join me in my journey to row 1,800 miles around Great Britain and reap the benefits of fantastic media exposure, contact me now! Read more about joining the crew and DOWNLOAD MY BROCHURE HERE!   There are 3 packages available that companies, businesses or individuals will benefit from, along with the £150 Swashbuckler Club and a Goods & Services option if financial support doesn’t suit. … Continue reading SPONSORSHIP BROCHURE

Conquer The Wall China Marathon

  I was invited to run a marathon across the Great Wall of China with only 3 weeks notice. With very little training, no flight or visa and no running gear for the intense Chinese sun, I used the experience as an experiment to see if I could wing it. I’m not sure how it happened but I completed it in 10 hours 10 minutes and 11.5 seconds. 42 … Continue reading Conquer The Wall China Marathon

24hr Row

24 Hour Indoor Rowing Challenge

1712/16 This 24 hour rowing challenge was meant to be a team event but for various reasons I ended up doing it alone. I never would have thought this was possible but with only 3 days notice, no other option AND 2 British records up for grabs, I got stuck in. I rowed a total of 195,658m in 24 hours and set 2 British Records: … Continue reading 24 Hour Indoor Rowing Challenge

The Comfort Zone Law

I just drew this for a friend….. A short while back, I got stuck and almost sucked further into that centre circle. I was even being encouraged by others to stay but something didn’t feel right. I drew this because my friend is feeling frustrated with their life and I was attempting to demonstrate pushing outside  their comfort zone to help them achieve the things they want. Now don’t … Continue reading The Comfort Zone Law

Bear Grylls Survival Race Fundraising Event

16/10/16 A few weeks ago, I got myself in a right pickle.  I was feeling really low, had very little money to survive and was wondering how I was going to get myself in a position to be physically, mentally and more importantly, financially able to row around Great Britain. (I am needing to generate £21,000 to make it happen). The final balance of my Round Great … Continue reading Bear Grylls Survival Race Fundraising Event

My 100km Week

16/10/16 After doing my 30k fundraiser erg at the Bear Grylls Survival Race last Sunday, I set myself a challenge of doing 100km in 1 week. I felt relatively fresh on the Monday, as I’d eaten well and got lots of rest, so bashed out a 10k ‘recovery’ erg after work.  That’s when I had my light bulb moment: “I can do 100km in a week!” And … Continue reading My 100km Week

I’m everywhere : )

Hey there! After meetings with digital marketing companies and social media experts, I feel like the pieces of my puzzle are finally coming together. I have also had a wonderful man help me with my website, something I have struggled with for a long time.  With this being my third website after all the changes that have gone on recently, my ability to build yet another one was … Continue reading I’m everywhere : )