Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon

11/05/17 Oh my goodness. I have been meaning to write this post for months. Perhaps even years. I don’t think I have ever grabbed my laptop quicker than I just did to write this post. I was mindlessly (embarrassed to say that) scrolling though Facebook and saw this (picture below). I recognised it instantly – Raynaud’s phenomenon.   I am no doctor, neither am I a nutritionist … Continue reading Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon


After a very successful February Challenge, me and the #sugarfreefeb gang decided to continue with another monthly challenge: The 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge! (click the link on the text above the read where the idea came from). I’d already decided and started this challenge mid- late February after listening to Scott Carney’s What Doesn’t Kill Us audiobook. Amazingly, as I was about to suggest … Continue reading MARCH CHALLENGE

TOUGH GUY The Original 2017

If you would prefer to skip straight the video, head to the bottom of this post ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ It seems that entering challenges without notice might become a thing. Maybe I stitched myself up with one my latest posts about saying yes to opportunity and tempted fate on this one??? For the past 2 years I have headed to the annual Winter Tough Guy, The Original Obstacle Race in … Continue reading TOUGH GUY The Original 2017

A Very Micro Microadventure

19/02/17 After a very busy few weeks focusing on fundraising and sponsorship, teamed with the dark winter mornings and evenings, I was getting itchy feet for an adventure. With limited time, energy and finances, my housemate and I decided to do the tiniest of microadventures and set up camp just 12 metres from our front door in our garden. It was just the thing I needed to blow … Continue reading A Very Micro Microadventure


If you or your company would like to join me in my journey to row 1,800 miles around Great Britain and reap the benefits of fantastic media exposure, contact me now! Read more about joining the crew and DOWNLOAD MY BROCHURE HERE!   There are 3 packages available that companies, businesses or individuals will benefit from, along with the £150 Swashbuckler Club and a Goods & Services option if financial support doesn’t suit. … Continue reading SPONSORSHIP BROCHURE