Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon

11/05/17 My goodness. I have been meaning to write this post for months. Perhaps even years. I don’t think I have ever grabbed my laptop quicker than I just did to write this post. I was mindlessly (embarrassed to say that) scrolling though Facebook and saw this (picture below). I recognised it instantly – Raynaud’s phenomenon.   I am no doctor, neither am I a nutritionist so … Continue reading Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon


After the success of my February Challenge, The #SugarFreeFeb gang and I decided to continue with another monthly challenge: The 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge! (click the link on the text above the read where the idea came from). I’d already decided and started this challenge mid- late February after listening to Scott Carney’s What Doesn’t Kill Us audiobook. Amazingly, as I was about to suggest … Continue reading 30 DAY COLD SHOWER CHALLENGE – March 2016

The Sugar Free Challenge Conclusion

35 days of a sugar-free living and I am loving it, as are my 2 friends who joined the Sugar Free Revolution (I named it that 😇). After posting my challenge on social media, I was thrilled that Paul (the inspiration behind #sugarfreefeb) and I got a new recruit, Martyn. We started a Facebook Messenger chat and took pictures of our meals every day providing each other with accountability, encouragement, and inspiration. I’ll … Continue reading The Sugar Free Challenge Conclusion

The Sugar Free Challenge – February 2017

04/02/17 Each month, I plan on doing a ‘challenge’ to assist me in becoming a healthier and more productive human. February’s challenge is to eliminate sugar from my diet. For many years I was very strict with my eating plan, only eating sugar and sweet things once per week on a ‘cheat day’, but recently I found myself on the sugar train (choo choo) far too frequently. … Continue reading The Sugar Free Challenge – February 2017

I’m everywhere : )

Hey there! After meetings with digital marketing companies and social media experts, I feel like the pieces of my puzzle are finally coming together. I have also had a wonderful man help me with my website, something I have struggled with for a long time.  With this being my third website after all the changes that have gone on recently, my ability to build yet another one was … Continue reading I’m everywhere : )

An Endurance Athlete’s Survival Foods

I wrote this article for the Bulk Powders Blog. I started obstacle racing in 2014 after wanting to be like Lara Croft, show reeling an impressive collection of action moves and having a body good enough to wear shorts as tiny as hers……. 2 years on, I still cannot pull stunts like her, nor do I wear short shorts, there’s far too much flesh going … Continue reading An Endurance Athlete’s Survival Foods