Centrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people, supporting 16-25 year olds into a home and a job.


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In 2016 I hit a really low point in my life. I was struggling with my mental health, finding it difficult to find self employed work and was struggling with the breakup of a relationship.  Having owned a successful beauty salon for 9 years and earning a good income, it came as a shock when I was left with nowhere to live.

During 2016, I was left homeless for about 3 months. Most think of being ‘homeless’ associated with sleeping on a cardboard box in a shop doorway but just as the term suggests, it means not having anywhere to live.

Finding work which allowed me to travel meant I was able to stay (and live) in hotels for a short while. In between, I would sofa surf and stay at friends houses living out of 3 bags. When that wasn’t an option, I had to resort to sleeping in my van in supermarket car parks. It really sucked.

There were moments where I couldn’t see an end to it all and it began to really affect my physical and mental health.   I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I didn’t have anywhere to live so would instead text friends to suggest meeting up, catching up and staying over.

Fortunately I noe have a great job and a lovely home.  Having a bed on that first night was one of the best feelings in the world!

Having experienced what it’s like not have the warmth and security of a home, I want to raise money for Centrepoint and make a difference to other people’s lives.

I am lucky, I had friends and a van. Some people have nothing.
Centrepoint not only provides young adults with a warm room and a bed, but also helps support them back into a career, providing them with the love and support they need.


Please help me reach my fundraising goal of £25,00 for Centrepoint by visiting my Just Giving page here:

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Alternatively, text LTFA99 £10 to 70070 to donate.


Thank you xxx