China Marathon Log 001

Wednesday 11th May 2016
Last night was the best nights sleep ever. Hot yoga yesterday was intense and I always sleep well after.  When waking, for a split second, I thought it was normal day. Then I remember, today I am flying to China to run a marathon!

With the little training I’ve done, I’m feeling optimistic that half an hour of morning yoga and a cheeky 1 hour run in the rain might get me one step closer to being fit enough for this marathon.  Today is the first time I try out my running outfit (there’s more about that in another post).  In fact, I have yet to even buy my event t-shirt and hat, but that’s all part of my master plan.

FullSizeRenderI hitch-hike a lift from my mum’s builder into town. Backpacks on, I go to the local sports shop who have express ordered my £7 white t-shirt and £6 white cap.  There’s no high tech running gear going on here.  (For those that know me well, this is a big change from the norm).

So, here I am, on the plane tapping away on my laptop.  I’ve managed to wangle myself an emergency exit seat.  I fluttered my eyelashes at the check-in desk man.  I’m not wearing any make-up and look far from glamorous, my naturally red face clashing with my red Monkey Nuts Adventure Marathon Rower t-shirt.  Maybe it’s the leggings – guys like yoga leggings, right? It’s more than likely he gave me the seat because I bigged up my marathon on Sunday and my legs would be extremely happy for the extra leg room.

There’s hardly anyone on the plane.  I have a whole row to myself – the only trouble is, the arm rests in the emergency exit row don’t lift up…. I missed a trick there.  I totally should have asked if there was any room in first class as there’s loads of free seats. I wonder if the crew members will fall for the marathon story?

One thing that’s made me chuckle:  By sitting here, I have agreed that I can “reach upwards, sideways and downwards.” “push, pull and turn,” “remove obstacles,” “maintain balance,” “assist others in evacuating by using the escape slide.”  They couldn’t have picked a better person!  I’m just imagining how fun that would all be…… well, on second thoughts……

There’s 10 hours ahead and I am looking forward to the rest.  I enjoy flying – no mobile phones, food, sleep, movies, sleep and food.  And check out all that space in front of me…… Yoga is so in fashion, surely no-one would mind?

P.S. – Don’t you just love it when your ears pop on the plane – total yum!