Body Aid Solutions Circuit Instructors Course

Sunday 14th August 2014

I’m just back from my Circuits Instructor course and am a freshly qualified coach oozing with enthusiasm to get out there and set up my first session.

IMG_0626I must admit, I went into the course a little naive. I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as throwing some equipment down on the floor and shouting out random exercises, but I was surprised with the complexity in which to plan a class. There’s more skill required than I originally thought!
What are the outsomes required? What if someone shows up with an injury or disability? Do I have 3 different levels at which the exercises can be performed?   How am I going to keep the class motivated? The list goes on.

It was with our tutor Dan Gilbert and his 7 years experience as a personal trainer, that we were able to learn all the information required within 5 hours, to be confident enough to then deliver an effective class as part of our assessment, and then go into the big wide world and instruct.

As well as Dan’s passion for fitness and love of his job, the Leaner Manual that is issued as part of the course is extremely informative and will continue educating me even after qualifying. It’s easy to read layout will provide me with great reference points to come back to when wanting to diversify my circuit sessions.

IMG_0628I do love a juicy fact….. Did you know that “circuit training was developed in 1953 by R. E. Morgan and G. T. Anderson at the University of Leeds in England”?

Also, that there are 9 types of circuit training. There was me thinking it was just one. Then a further breakdown of another 17 layouts.  Blimey!  Yes, I was naive to thinking there was just one type. And I haven’t even mentioned work and rest ratios, component considerations, circuit cards and lots of other stuff!

This may sound like a lot of information, but the course is delierved in such a way that the theory is broken up with practical sessions, allowing us to stay switched on and put into practise what we have learnt.

All in all, we did about 5 mini circuits throughout the day, so be prepared to get sweaty.  The befit for me was that I used it as a training day – perfect!  This also gave me an opportunity to learn new exercises from my fellow students and alternative teaching styles.

During the course, Dan informs us that Body Aid Solutions is seeing a growing trend for circuits and outdoor fitness classes, and suggests it is one of the most lucrative, if not most lucrative sector of the fitness industry, meeting a similar, if not higher earning potential to a personal trainer.

Happy days – it looks like I am joining in at just the right time! (I’ll add the cash to the rowing fund!)

IMG_0629The course costs £95, which to my estimations can be earned back with just 19 clients paying £5 each at a circuit class.  I’d hope for that in my first fortnight.  Everything after that for the rest of my career is profit. Wonderful!

If you are looking for a career change and like me, wanted a job that I could rome around in my activewear for, say fit whilst at work (a massive bonus for Atlantic Rowing Challenge) plus help improve people’s lives, then check out the Body Aid Solutions website. The only requirement to do the circuits course is to complete the Level 2 Gym Instructor course. In less than 1 day, I was ready and rearing to go, qualified to set up my circuits class and start making a change to both mine and other lives.



IMG_0630Even this butterfly wanted in on some of the learning action : )