After the success of my February Challenge, The #SugarFreeFeb gang and I decided to continue with another monthly challenge:

The 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge!

(click the link on the text above the read where the idea came from).

I’d already decided and started this challenge mid- late February after listening to Scott Carney’s What Doesn’t Kill Us audiobook. Amazingly, as I was about to suggest it in the group chat, without discussing it Paul (sugar free buddy) had also been including cold showers in his day.

In the first few chapters of the audiobook above, Scott explains the Wim Hof method and the benefits of cold water training.  This was enough to convince me to start having 1-2 minute cold blasts at the end of all my showers.

I am told by the internet that cold showers help:

  1. Enhance immunity (Like it!)
  2. Improve mood and motivation (Yes please)
  3. Decrease depression and anxiety (As I have suffered from both of these, I’m always happy too explore new remedies)
  4. Increase metabolism (I secretly desire to have my 6 pack back)
  5. Improve blood circulation (I used to suffer from Raynaud’s phenomenon so always a bonus)
  6. Fight fatigue (I lead a busy life!)
  7. Reduce stress (Winner)
  8. Regulate body temperature, helping with cold hands and feet and excessive sweating (My hands sweat when I’m anxious so this sounds good).

(click the link on the text above the read where the idea came from).

There are so many more benefits that I could fill the page with so picked the ones that most appealed to me. With regards to the anxiety and depression bit, most people who know me are surprised to hear I suffer with these, I even surprise myself sometimes. But I know this challenge will help.

In the past I’ve run winter obstacle races with lots of cold mud and water, and had weekly ice baths to aid recovery. These 2 ‘activities’ made me feel incredible with their massive release of endorphins.  It felt horrible whilst doing them but after the feeling was fantastic! Because of these I feel one step ahead of the challenge as my body has already experienced extreme cold.

So now my #sugarfreefeb buddies and I are getting involved with daily cold showers and staying in touch via our Facebook Messenger chat (NO pictures messages!) so we are accountable for our challenge and share our experiences.

I’m hoping this delivers results as good as the February Challenge.
Make sure to check back here at the end of March to read my thoughts in the ‘March Challenge Conclusion!’


Happy Cold Showering xxx


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