Training Day At Concept 2 HQ

Wednesday 9th September 2015

The alarm goes off at 6.15am, although I am already awake because I am excited.
Today is the day that 3 Men & A Little Lady visit the Concept 2 Head Quarters to purchase our refurbished rowers and get rowing tips and techniques from one of the main men Alex.

I had watched a few Concept 2 You Tube videos and had started applying them to my workouts at my local gym, although being in front of Alex made me unsure about my technique.

It turns out that an efficient and effectively rowing technique is quite an art – legs, torso, then arms. Its sounds simple enough, however each movement is separate from the next whilst being gelled together in one seamless movement.

Alex filmed our technique in slo-mo on his iPhone and then we all watched and pulled it apart.

We were there for about 4 hours and gained a great deal from the morning.

We went in, messy, sloppy and pulling the rower as hard as we could, and we left calm, efficient and had even began to row like a team. That’s a good job I suppose – considering we are going to be rowing 3000 miles together.

So now, we are heading home with a refurbished Concept 2 Rower and going to ‘grease the groove’ – slow down every movement we learnt in order to lock it in our minds, so our bodies do it as second nature.

Alex told me, I had a tendency to want to pull hard and that I lean back a little too far. He thought this was the case because I was the smallest (little lady) of the team and wanted to catch up with the guys. I must admit, it is a challenge for me knowing that I will not be able to row as hard and as fast as the guys. I do not want to let them down. Alex assured me that by taking it slow and steady would be far more beneficial so not to cause any injury.

We are going to head back to Concept’s HQ in the winter for an update training session and check we are making good progress on our techniques.

In the meantime – I best get rowing, after all, I have my own Concept 2 Log Card now so I can track my mileage.