The Facebook Algorithm Explained – 13 Ways to Boost Your Profile

These tips are taken from Mike Stelzner’s Social Media Examiner Podcast with Dennis Yu.

Click here to listen to The Facebook Algorithm for Marketers – Episode 274.

As a social media consultant and someone who wants to improve my own profile, I am constantly researching new ways to become better within the world of social media.

Here are the top 13 things I learned from this podcast, in no particular order of importance.
I have highlighted the ones that I found most interesting and will put into action.


1.   Engagement is one of the most important things in effecting the algorithm.
A Like is worth the equivalent to 1 point, a comment is worth 6 and a share is worth 13.

2. A check-in or a review is worth 13, similar to a share.

3. If someone unlikes your page or reports it, it is the equivalent to minus 100 points.

4. More shares is better than more likes.

5. The average video viewing on Facebook is 6 seconds.
Make your video count from the start.

6. Don’t be pushy in posts.
Don’t show signs of self-promotion.
You wouldn’t go up to someone in real life and say “buy my product.” Adopt the same etiquette on social media.

7. Short videos are the key to success.

8. ‘Consumption’ is when someone is moving around social media but not reacting. This affects the algorithm – what profiles and pages they are viewing, how long for, where they go next…..

9. ‘Decay factor’ is how quickly things fall off people’s timeline. It used to be around 4 hours. It is now about 1 hour. You can resurrect an old post by reacting to it (liking, commenting, sharing etc). This can be done years after the original post was created.

10. Create ‘evergreen content’ so you can bring back old posts.
Evergreen means a post that does not date.

11. Boost posts that get a good organic reaction.
“Boost things that are hot.”
“Make the good things better.”
Boosting a successful organic post is like adding fuel to a fire.

12. Shareable content should be boosted.
Don’t put money on posts that don’t have a strong social response.

13. “Boost your winners,” it deserves to be seen by lots of people.


The Facebook algorithm is constantly changing and adapting so users cannot find loop holes and hacks.

This post was written on 04/11/17 so some or all information above may well change in the future.


Happy Facebooking xxx