The Perkins Great Eastern Run …. Row

Today, my good friends took part in The Perkins Great Eastern Run, a half marathon (13.1 mile) road race.

Having come from an obstacle course and running background, I had originally planned to join them, however decided a few weeks ago this could be detrimental to my rowing training. So instead, I planned to row a half marathon on my Concept2.

Sunday morning; and it occurred to me I was wasting time – finding meaningless chores to do and laying on the bed logging into social media. There was no more escaping it – I had told my team the night before I was going to do it so had no excuses.

It was time to row 21,098m. This is nothing in the grand scheme of things to come. In fact this distance is only 0.38% of the distance we will be rowing next year! Ouch!

Thinking of my friends, and all the hard work and training they had put in, gave me enough motivation to head to the unit where my trusty companion, The Concept2, was.

To encourage me though my workout, I enlisted the guidance of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell’s audio book – The Crossing. I have listened to this before but figured listening to it again and the tough times they went through would make my half marathon row a doddle.

I often get asked if I get bored of training for hours on my rower? The truth is, of course I do. Going backwards and forwards for hours, as my backside and hands increase in pain isn’t ideal but 3 Men & A Little Lady will be rowing for a World Record next year and I will dedicate my time to doing the best I can for my ‘3 Men.’

I was pleased (I feel mean saying it) to hear Ben Fogle admit that he struggled with each hour of training on his ergo. I was struggling and it made the way I was feeling, after only an hour, acceptable.

My best friend Karina Grimes was running today for a personal best of a sub 1 hour 45 minute time – so I decided that I would try and match it her time.  I knew she would be giving it everything she had so had no excuses to slack off and let my effort slip.

I completed my half marathon row in 1 hour 43 minutes 59 seconds. 1 minute and 1 second within my goal – WOO HOO!

My fingers are blistered and my hips are aching. Every time I strained, watching the clock as it didn’t seem to move, listening to Ben and James’ story put my very cushy situation into perspective. There are certainly going to be worse days than this ahead!

When we are at sea, each duo will take it in turns to row in 2 hour shifts for the entire 3,000 miles. My half marathon today did not even meet that duration – more audio books and more time on my ergo me thinks.