Can You Help?

Hello World!

Now seems like a good a time as any……

Just recently the enormity of my challenges have just crept up on me and I realised I cannot do it by myself.  The hours of the day seem to fly by despite taking a part time job in order to give me more time to spend on fundraising.
Free time is a thing of the past, and now, sadly, even my training is taking a back seat due to the amount of time I am spending on my laptop.

I did a Facebook post a few months ago asking for help which had a good response but sadly, nothing much came of it so I continue to spin plates alone.

It is a tough game, this fundraising malarky.  I want to train, get outside, make videos of my progress and inspire people to follow their dreams but instead I sit on my laptop every night until I can’t concentrate anymore.

Can you or do you know someone that can help me in my bid to raise £21,000 for my Great British Rowing Challenge?

People who would be useful are:

My challenge starts in 3rd June 2017.
I thank you in advance!

Laura x