ICEBUGS Acceleritas Trainer Review

I was given the Icebug Acceleritas for an Obstacle Race Magazine review.

I traded my usual obstacle course racing (OCR) trainers in for these super cool, brightly coloured Icebugs, weighing in at an incredible 180g (for a UK 5.5).

Offering a 4mm drop, they allow a good transition from a cushioned shoe to something a little closer to the ground.

During an OCR, the sticky sole coped extremely well through mud and over obstacles, and gripped muddy slopes with ease.

The non-absorbing material kept them lightweight even when saturated, whilst the flexible material was durable and washed up easily after a muddy race.

Some may find the slow drainage of water an issue, however I didn’t. I was aware water stayed in them a little longer during a race, but it didn’t cause me concern.

As I have been wearing trainers with a wide toe box for some years, I found the Acceleritas very narrow around my toes. However, after some longer training runs and races they seem to be loosening up (I can’t figure out if they have stretched or I have got used to them, either way, they are becoming more comfortable).

The backs are a little more sturdy than what I am used to, which caused some rubbing, therefore I would suggest building up to wearing them for longer distances if you are not used to support around your heel.

Overall, I am enjoying wearing the Icebug Acceleraitas because they are light and flexible, and I will use them for shorter, muddy, sprint races where weight and grip is essential.

Afterthought:  I get a lot compliments when I wear them which is always a bonus : )