I’m now a MetaFit Coach!

LT: Watch out Mat!!!!  I am now MetaFit trained!!!!

MT: (Gulp) (Trying to look happy) (Looks down at floor) (Eyes fill with tears….)

Mat and I have been doing a MetaFit class once per week since October last year to really kick us into shape.  I love it!  He hates it! (but I reckon he secretly loves it – especially the 1 minute push-up matrix).

It’s such a simple concept yet so effective and when I found I could become a coach with my Level 2 Fitness Instructors qualification I didn’t need much persuading to go along.

I am now armed with as many MetaFit tracks as my body can take, all in the palm of my hand (iPhone).  Watch out Mat, I need to practise : )

Read about my day and watch my video interview with Justin Corcoran, the guy that designed MetaFit here.