One Thing Leads To Another


In 2014 ago I was the owner of a beauty salon.
I was just days away from my first ever endurance event.
I’d never done anything like it before.
I’d been given just 6 weeks notice to take part so wasn’t prepared or trained.
But I said yes and it changed my life FOREVER.
More than I ever could have imagined!

Here is a Facebook Live video explaining the series of events that has lead me to where I am now:


If you are interested in reading the posts that relate to this video, please see the links below.
Some of the stuff I have written in the past is absolutely pants!
I have never been great at writing but would like to think I have improved recently. So big apologies if they are rubbish.


The 24 Hour Event  lead to The 48 Hour Event which lead to The Random Phone Call .

Then the Bad Bit happened, but it all turned alright with The GB Row . Then finally, it’s happening…. I’m going to row across the Atlantic!