Shopping For A £70,000 Boat!

Monday 28th September

I’m driving to Bournemouth to Rossiter Yacht and Boat Makers.  Driving down a busy little high street, I am worried that I’m going to miss its location – but fear not, Rossiter has it’s own road named “Rossiter Quay.” The grand sign with gold writing directs me into an exclusive residential complex scattered with luxury boats and yachts.

In normal circumstances, I would feel out of my league however on this occasion, me visiting the company owner, Charles Rossiter, feels exciting and even relaxed.

Yes, I am going shopping for a £70,000 ocean rowing boat – pretty standard Monday activities I guess : )

Teammate Matt has joined me for the adventure as he’s 3 Men & A Little Lady’s engineer and knows all the correct questions to ask. I, on the other hand do not.

Charles takes us straight out to the quay to show us the ocean rowing boats his team have built. Within an instant we are stood in front of a fully functioning boat that is being used to row this years (2015) Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. I am overwhelmed with emotion and my eyes fill with tears. With each step of this experience, the adventure becomes even more of a reality.

Matt and I recognise a few boats sitting in the workshop from our research on the current rowing teams – All Beans No Monkeys and Atlantic Lions.

It feels fantastic to see the boats and I am surprised they are bigger than what I expected.

Charles was great – he takes us through the price list of everything we will need for built our boat.  It is by far the most expensive shopping list I have ever made!!!  Matt understands all the details and is excited about all the gadgets that we will need.

To top off the day, Charles takes us on board an ocean rowing boat and allows us in the 2 end cabins – these too, are bigger than what I first expected however he warns us that once they are filled with technology and supplies, the space will easily become smaller.

The first thing that hits me about the cabin is the temperature, even on a warm sunny September day (in the UK) with the cabin door open (!) it was warm!!!!!!!!

It’s a perfect September day and the sun is beaming down on us as we chat with ease on board the

After a couple of hours with Charles, we say our goodbyes.  The day seems all so surreal. I have  begun shopping for our ocean rowing boat.

Next step – raising the funds to start building our boat.