5 Supplements for Active Vegetarians & Vegans

I wrote this article for the Bulk Powders Blog.

(Said in an Alcoholics Anonymous kind of way….) Hi, my name is Laura, I am a vegetarian and a fitness-addict.

Shock horror, most people’s jaw drops – “But where do you get your protein from?”

Being a vegetarian means I eat eggs…..and lots of them! Those on a vegan diet however, will not eat any diary.

I am here to give 5 super-clean, healthy supplement recommendations for those wishing to lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or simply those eating unprocessed, whilst keeping their protein levels high.

1.  Brown Rice Protein 80
Bulk Powders Brown Rice Protein 80 offers a whooping 80g of protein per 100g, that’s 24g of protein per 30g serving!

Easily digestible and with only 1 ingredient, 100% Brown Rice Protein, you can ensure your tummy feels light, flat and fulfilled without the possible bloat of a whey protein.

Substitute 50% of the flour in a baking recipe with it and add it to pancake mixtures, soups or chilli for a clean protein boost.

For a super-charged amino acid protein shake, mix it with Bulk Powders Super Pea Isolate.

2.  Spinach Powder
Did you ever wonder why Popeye’s muscle were so big? It’s because he loved spinach.

Each 10g serving of spinach powder offers 3.3g of additional protein into your day.  I know 3g is not life changing, however, sneak a scoop in 3 times day – in your shake, smoothie, soup or veg chilli – and you’ll notice the gains.

In addition, Spinach Powder is rich in vital minerals such as Iron, Zinc and Selenium, that are usually obtained from meat.

An alternative to Spinach Powder would be Broccoli Powder.

3. Spirulina Powder (Organic)
If you haven’t tried Spirulina then you 100% ought to! This SUPER FOOD has been consumed for hundreds of years, although don’t get too excited as the taste is quite ….… unique. This dark green algae powder contains a massive 63% protein and contains every single essential amino acids.

After mixing it up, you may need to line it up on your work surface and prepare yourself like you are going to do a Sambuca shot. Once those nutrients get inside you though, they’ll be no stopping you due to its high levels of B vitamins, Iron and Chorophyll.

I like to mix a scoop of Spirilina with a glass of grapefruit juice.  The acidity of the grapefruit cuts though the ‘green’ taste.  You could alternatively mix it up in your shake or smoothie.  If get the mix right and you won’t taste it.

An alternative to Spirulina Powder (Organic) would be Wheatgrass Powder.

4. Peanut Butter
This is my staple Bulk Powders product.  It sits pride of place on my kitchen worktop (generally with the lid off and a teaspoon left in) so I grab a quick spoonful when the urge takes me.

With 29.1g of protein and 46.1g of fat per 100g, this saviour product gets me out of some hungry situations.  Made with 100% whole roasted peanuts and nothing else, this is the perfect food supplement for anyone training hard.

I love eating mine straight from the tub or spread over apple slices.

I personally prefer the Crunchy option, but it is also available in Smooth.

An alternative to Peanut Butter would be Almond Butter.

5. Chia Seeds
These tiny little super-powerful black and white seeds can be mixed in with any food or drink allowing you to up your daily protein (and fibre) intake easily.

A few cheeky chia facts:

  • Chia means Strength
  • 20g of protein per 100g (5g per 25g serving)
  • 10g fibre per 25g
  • a 25g serving contains twice as such Iron and Magnesium as spinach
  • contains all 8 amino acids
  • contains 60% Omega-3 fats

There is not much left to say based on those facts.

I mix chia seeds in my 11am porridge mix (along with Dried Coconut) for a mid-morning nutritional boost.

An alternative to Chia Seeds would be Sunflower Seeds.
All of the supplements above are gluten, lactose, diary and soya free keeping your diet super-clean and your tummy happy.


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