The Swashbucklers Club!!


It’s weird isn’t it…. I want to be known as someone that goes forth and makes things happen, aiming high and striving for my dreams.  And hopefully on top of that, I’d like to inspire others to do the same.

Except that every morning and evening I sit on my laptop and phone trying the raise the £21,000 I need to make my Great British Rowing challenge happen **sigh**
Anyway, enough of the violin music. Check out what I have made tonight!!!
My hands are covered in tea stains and there’s ash and wax all over my kitchen, but this is A* quality don’t you think?

As Brian Tracy says in my new favourite audiobook The Psychology of Selling, if you want to be successful, ask someone who is successful for their advice.

In comes Jamie Sparks. Jamie rowed across the Atlantic ocean in 2014 as 2 Boys In A Boat with him and his teammate Jamie becoming the youngest pair to do this challenge. They had an incredible fundraising campaign and so I messaged them to see if I could pick up any advice.

Jamie suggested I consider the £150 Club. If I had 150 people or companies sponsor me £150, then I would raise all the funds I need to make my challenge happen! Winner!

So then I get thinking and come up with the idea. I will row 150 handmade certificates the whole way round Great Britain and then present them to the sponsors on my return.  I feel excited about this plan.  For once it doesn’t feel like I’m begging for money. There is now a purpose!

I need to tidy up my campaign, make the message clear of what I am doing and what I am offering. Then I’m going to hit the streets of Brentwood and start promoting ‘The £150 Swashbuckler Club!’

Swashbuckler in case you don’t know (I had to google it myself) is “a swaggering swordsman, soldier, or adventurer; daredevil.”  Yep. I reckon that sums it up nicely. Maybe not the swordsman bit for me though…..


If you feel all inspired and like the certificate, please head to my GoFundMe page and donate £150.  If you need a little persuasion then you clearly do not know that’s a genuine wax stamp, right???? I burnt my fingers and everything doing it.

All I need to do now is make 149 more….. oh……


Thank you for reading and Happy Swashbuckling xxxx