Radio Interview on Phoenix FM

28/03/17 Here’s round 2 of me delving into my life on the radio. This one didn’t feel like I was being thrown in at the deep end as much as the last. The guys from Phoenix FM were celebrating their 10th birthday and hosting the show on the road, which was fascinating to see. A few bits of technology whizzed their voices and music across to 40,000 people in Essex … Continue reading Radio Interview on Phoenix FM

Radio Interview with BBC Essex

21/03/17 Well that was exciting!  I just got interviewed on The Ronnie Barbour Show on BBC Essex Radio. After getting to grips with doing interviews on the Tough Girl podcast, I didn’t feel as nervous as I usually do and arrived all prepared with cue cards in case I got tongue tied. In turns out that Ronnie didn’t even ask much about my rowing challenge!  He had … Continue reading Radio Interview with BBC Essex

24 Hour Row in The Brentwood Gazette

I’m not quite sure how this slipped past me but I am in the local paper!!! This has made me laugh so much. I really know how to sell myself don’t I? “Charity achiever’s spent her time since on the sofa recovering”.  That is a laugh out loud moment! I don’t even remember saying that. Apart from getting the main title incorrect (another lol – … Continue reading 24 Hour Row in The Brentwood Gazette


If you or your company would like to join me in my journey to row 1,800 miles around Great Britain and reap the benefits of fantastic media exposure, contact me now! Read more about joining the crew and DOWNLOAD MY BROCHURE HERE!   There are 3 packages available that companies, businesses or individuals will benefit from, along with the £150 Swashbuckler Club and a Goods & Services option if financial support doesn’t suit. … Continue reading SPONSORSHIP BROCHURE