Tough Girl Podcast Part 3


Welcome to part 3 of the 7 Woman 7 Challenges Tough Girl Podcast.

Minutes before this interview, I was busy having a battle with myself…..
Shall I pretend everything is ok and be positive?” or “shall I tell the truth and say that I am having a hard time with fundraising?”

After an extremely busy day (video diary below) it seemed that the latter happened.

I’ve listened to it back and I can hear the tension in my voice. Sorry if it’s muddled and I’m not my cheerful self.  You know when you are so tired and you are running on overdrive??

I have good days with the fundraising and I have bad days. I don’t like the bad days, they make me sad. But all that keeps me going is my desire to make a difference to people’s lives who do not have a home. Everytime I am miserable, I count myself lucky to have a bed, a home, food and a job. Along with all the incredible opportunities I am given.


Take a listen, let me know what you think.

I feature at 2:47.30…..


Thursday’s are a fun but long day! Here’s the video diary of why I sounded so tired:


If you would like to make a donation to my 1,800 mile rowing challenge, please visit my GoFundMe page (⬅️ click on link). Honestly every £1 helps!!!! If I had £1 for every person I told about this challenge, I would be able to row around Britain 3 times.

With only 8.5 weeks to go until the challenge begins, I still need to raise £14,000. Please share my GoFundMe link and sponsorship brochure with friends and work colleagues. Someone out there will want to be involved in this all mighty challenge. I just need to find them.


Thank you for reading and listening xxxxx