Your Easy Guide to Twitter

I love Twitter.

I love its instantness.
There are no filtered-to-the-max photos (*cough – Instagram).
There’s no over-elaborated explanation of what’s going.
Just short, punchy pieces of information and a few pictures, giving an insight into the lives of the people I find interesting.

When I declare my love of Twitter to clients and friends, they often reply with “I just don’t get it.”
The beauty of Twitter is there’s very little to ‘get.’

This easy guide will give you the basics to get going and start picking up a following.

What is a Tweet?
A tweet is a public message that can contain photos, videos and website links. It’s the equivalent of a Facebook status update.
As of 07/11/17, a tweet can contain up to 280 characters. It used to be 140 – I think that was a big mistake by Twitter. That’s a subject for another day.

Number of Pictures & Video Length
Your Tweet can contain up to 4 pictures or a video of up to 2 minutes 20 seconds.

Twitter Handle
Another name for a username. It’s the name that follows the @ sign.
You can tag other Twitter users in your tweet using their Twitter handle, like tagging someone in a Facebook post.

Allows you to reply to someone’s tweet.
It will automatically include the person’s Twitter handle and any other accounts included in the original tweet, meaning there is no need to add them.

There are 2 options for a retweet:
Retweet reposts (copies) a tweet directly to your newsfeed. Think of it as a Facebook share.
Quote Retweet allows you to add your own comment above the retweet. Similar to when you chose the ‘Write Post’ share option on Facebook.

Similar to a Facebook like, tap the heart to like a tweet.

Twitter relies quite heavily on hashtags.
In the search page, it displays the top 20 trending hashtags for that day. It’s a good idea to get involved in these every now and again as you can pick up more followers and also have a bit of fun with them.
For example:

BUT REMEMBER, this isn’t Instagram. Just use one or two hashtags.

Lists are by far the most underrated tool on Twitter!
They allow you to create lists of groups of people and add specific people to those lists.
See my Twitter Lists in the picture below.

They make it easier to interact with the people I want to see rather scrolling through a busy newsfeed.

You can make your Lists Public or Private.
Public lists can be viewed by anyone (no biggie) and members of a public list will be notified when they have been added (quite a compliment if you put them on a good list!)

I’d love to pretend I know what these are. I have no idea.
Even the biggest social media marketers on Twitter aren’t using them.
I feel like they’re a really bad, low-tech equivalent of Instagram stories stuck in the 1990’s.
Who knows? I wouldn’t bother.
(If you really want to see a Twitter Moment – I created one on my profile – click here – and I still do not know what one is!)

Twitter Live Video
I’ve used Twitter Live a few times. I’m not sure how I feel about it.
It is a great way to deliver as-it-happens action to followers without clogging up a Facebook or Instagram feed or using their Live tools.

How Do I Use Twitter?

( ** the most effective)

  1. ** Sharing links to new blogs and videos on my website and YouTube Channel.
  2. ** Liking and retweeting people I am following to show I have read or enjoyed what they are sharing. Do this consistently and you are likely to get recognised by that person.
  3. ** It’s the easiest way for me to see what the people I admire are doing, saying and creating. I use Twitter Lists for this!
  4. Sharing information that would otherwise clog up my Facebook feed and negatively affect the algorithms. Sharing images that don’t fit with my Instagram grid i.e. food pictures, views, books I’m reading, podcasts I’m listening too etc.
  5. I can tweet up to 10 times per day (more if I want!) and not feel guilty. It’s instant information that followers might gain information from.

** TOP TIPS **

  1. Keep it simple. This is why I think Twitter was better with 140 characters and not 280.
  2. Support your tweet with a picture, video or boomerang to capture your follower’s attention.
  3. The more you use Twitter, the more followers you get.
  4. ‘Retweet and Quote Retweet more than you tweet’ is a good general rule when starting out. Share information from your industry and your interests so followers can see what you are about.

Your Easy Guide To Twitter – PART 2 will be coming soon, giving more helpful tips on how to use Twitter to your advantage and make the most of this quick and fun social media platform.


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