Van Log 004

Hello! I am pleased you are enjoying reading about my adventures.You’ll all be pleased to know (well, some of you might be disappointed….. ) that we successfully survived the night in the strange car park without getting a knock on the door.

MT made me die when I said I needed a wee and was scared to go outside, he said “believe me, these weirdos will be far more scared of us, than you are of them, we’re living in fucking van. Anyway, if you’re still scared, put that knife in your teeth while you have a wee, no one will come near you.”

(Information: no knife was placed in my mouth, it remained in the kitchen bag 😂)

Another day at school and it is INTENSE. My brain literally stopped working at one point and I am sure steam started coming out of my ears because I was concentrating so hard.

Here’s what our days are looking like:

Wake Up
Weight Lifting
Find somewhere to abuse wifi and electric to: charge appliances, update blogs, reply to sponsor emails, phone calls, arranging auditions, venues, websites etc etc etc etc etc etc, the list is infinite!

It is manic! I knew it would be hard. I wonder if I knew it would be this full on???

If you feel like donating to my fundraising page for Evergreen Care Trust, here is the link.

All this adventure action is fun, but extremely tiring and requires a lot of mental strength, motivation and commitment, it would be good to know my effort is helping others enjoy life x

Happy Donating x