Wild Camping Microadventure Kit List

After hiking around the Isle of Wight with my bestie, I was so impressed with my kit, I’ve written it all down for future reference.
We walked 71 miles and wild camped for 3 nights, carrying everything we needed including camping and food.

The list looks enormous but this picture shows everything.


Total Bag Weight: 12.5kg
5.11 Rush 24 Multicam Backpack
5.11 6.6 Pouch (because everything didn’t quite fit in)
Elastic Band
Lifeproof Fre iPhone case – waterproof, dustproof, absorbs impact from dropping
I usually have a small red bike light attached to my bag but it broke so we found a bicycle reflector that had broken off in the road and cable tied it to my bag – it’s my new bag accessory 😉

6’ x 4’ Tarp (£1.79 from a hardware store)
Vango Planet 50 Sleeping Bag
Thermarest Neoair XLite Roll Mat
Military bivvy bag (from eBay)
15m Paracord
Alloy Y tent pegs x 6

Wardrobe: (this includes the outfit I was wearing)
Salomon Mudstone GTX Walking Boots
Columbia Base Layer tights
Leggings (workout style)
Running shorts
Cotton T-Shirt
Long sleeve merino wool t-shirt
Full sleeve white cotton t-shirt (for sun protection)
Underwear x 3
Sports bra/crop top
Sports bikini
Pre talced Darn Tough socks x 3 (socks with a lifetime guarantee!!! AND super comfortable!)
Owl hat
Buff Original (cut in half to give me 2, used as headbands)
Buff UV Visor (95% UV Protection)
Inov-8 RaceElite 140 Stormshell Waterproof Jacket

Toothbrush – Travel size
Toothpaste – Travel size
Mini Soap (in plastic resealable bag)
Eurohike Travel Towel Small
Tissue Packets x 2
Suncream SPF 50
Talcum powder – Travel size
Gurneys Goo
Compeed Blister Plasters – mixed sizes
Anti bac gel – Travel size
First Aid Kit

Water To Go Bottle
Sigg Traveller Water Bottle 600ml
EuroHike Trek Solo Cook Set
MSR PocketRocket Stove
Gas Cartridge 240g (stored in cook set)
Lifeventure Ellipse Plastic Camping Cutlery
Wndproof Matches
Windproof Lighter
Peppermint & Nettle Tea Bags x 10 (in plastic resealable bag with lighter stored in cook set)

Be Well Expedition Food Freeze Dried Packets:
Muesli with Fruit
Porridge and Sultanas
Beef Stroganoff
Vegetarian Korma
Vegetarian Shepherds Pie
Vegetarian Tikka
Chicken Tikka Masala
Mexican Chilli Con Carne
Strawberries with Custard
Chocolate Chip Dessert
Meridian Nut Bars x 4
150g Peanut M & M’s (in plastic resealable bag)
100g Salted Cashews (in plastic resealable bag)
100g Honey Roasted Cashews (in plastic resealable bag)
ROOTS Bars x 3 packets (in plastic resealable bag)
Franks Hot Sauce

Kitchen Drawer:
Ordnance Survey Maps – printed from Premium subscription
Silva Compass
Map Case
Opinel No.8 Outdoor Knife (whistle built in too)
Cable Ties x 10
Medium sandwich bags x 4 (in plastic resealable bag) (good for rubbish)
Supermarket carrier bag (good for laundry)
Nearly used gaffa tape – to save bulk
Black plastic bag (stuffed into gaffa tape roll)
Mini Sharpie marker
LED Lensor Headtorch
Spare batteries x 6 (in plastic resealable bag)
Go Pro Camera
Spare Go Pro Battery (in plastic resealable bag)
Portable charger x 2
iPhone plug adaptor
Micro USB charging wire (a short wire)
Lightening to micro USB adaptor

1 x 8L dry bag (wardrobe clothes)
1 x 5L dry bag (wardrobe accessories)
1 x 3L dry bag (kitchen drawer electricals)


14207620_10210131710480005_5937659254202836701_oNotes About the Bedroom
The sleeping bag stuff sack is lined with fleece, so when turned inside out and stuffed with clothes, it can be used as a pillow – genius!  The sleeping bag has an insect net over the face and feet and impregnated with an insect repellent and anti-bacterial treatment.

I pack the sleeping bag and roll mat inside the bivvy bag, then pack inside my bag so everything stays dry and protected.


Notes About the Wardrobe
I used to wear expensive kit for myadventures but since doing the Great Wall of China marathon in basic low budget gear, I am no longer fussed about branded stuff. Most of the items I took on this adventure were given to me, in the sale or I had owned for some time.  The only bit of kit worth spending money on are boots and a waterproof jacket.



Plastic Resealable Bags
These are great to ration food portions into so they can be resealed and are watertight.  A packet of peanuts of peanuts for instance, once open, there is the potential for them to spill, making a mess and losing calories to the depths of your pack.  I ration my morale-boosting treats into 100-150g bags (sometimes even writing the nutritional stats on – I know, that’s geeky) so I know how much I have eaten and it stops me from being a pig.

Notes About the Pantry
Nuts seem to be the highest source of calories versus weight by far!  A bag of nuts compared to a bag of dried fruit wins every time on fats, carbs, protein, and calories plus there’s no sugar crash. It’s easy to want to fuel on sugar but I think nuts are a winner.

The Be Well Expedition Food was delicious and I will definitely buy it again!  It was my first time trying it and I was very impressed.


14114836_10210131684359352_3858038809626492455_oDry Bags
Clothes and electrical devices get packed into dry bags.
Everything else is packed into the compartments of my bag so it’s easy to find.


Bits & Bobs
Things like cable ties, the elastic band, bags and gaffa tape have no specific use apart from just being useful in certain situations.  It’s always handy to carry these wherever you go.


What would I do differently next time?

  • Not take my Lifeventure plastic knife as didn’t use it, I had my Outdoor knife to use instead.
  • Transfer suncream into a smaller bottle to save space and weight.
  • Take talc in a smaller bottle to save space and weight.
  • Take some bicarbonate of soda in a resealable plastic bag to use as deodorant on body, clothes, and bedding for when times get stinky. Mixed with a little water to be applied to underarms or sprinkled over fabric to eliminate odour will make me feel a little happier on a more urban hike next time 🙂


Here are a few piccies from the adventure.
More pictures can be seen here.

Happy Micro Adventuring x