The X Factor?

We often hear the term ‘The X-Factor’ through the media and I am not only referring to the TV programme.

The letter X in X Factor was picked because in mathematics and science, it represents an unknown quantity or condition.

I wanted to write this Thought to ask the question:

  • Why should we be an X when there are 26 letters in the alphabet?


I was given the nickname of LT in 2009 by a dear friend.
He then upgraded me to LT Factor which I loved! It felt unique.

In society, many people are searching for their X Factor, whether it be following fashion, education, behaviour or following other people’s expectations and dreams.

Be your own (insert initials here) Factor. X is boring. Everyone is trying to be an X.

Break the mould, do what you want to do.

You can be your own ‘Factor’, why settle for an X?