I Said YES!!!

I am really excited to give you an update on my adventures, but first I would like to answer a question I have been asked a lot recently, and that is …. Am I still doing the Atlantic Rowing challenge?

The answer is yes! 100% yes! Mat and I still dream of being on that boat conquering that ocean. When we signed up to it, we knew it would be a challenge but certainly didn’t realise how tough it would be raising the funds required for such a big event and how much time we would need to dedicate to it. I really enjoy it, however real life must continue and after a few things that happened and the desire from both of us to chase our dream careers, things on the Monkey Nuts Adventure front have been a little quiet. But rest assured, the journey continues, whether it be 2017 or 2018. The dynamic duo will get on that boat.

I have been given the opportunity to join a team to row around the entire coast of Great Britain next June and July. The guys who have organised the adventure are World record breaking ocean rowers and I felt the opportunity was too good to miss. So, of course I said yes! What I will learn from them will be priceless ready for the Atlantic but more importantly, the challenge fits so well with my own personal beliefs and morals – to explore the beautiful country we live on and inject money into our local and national economy.


It goes without saying, I would absolutely love Mat to join me in this challenge, but for now he is planning his own epic adventures enabling us to have a wealth of experience.

So all that training I have been doing is now going towards the Rannoch Adventure GB Challenge 2017.
The challenge is an 8 week journey covering 1,560 miles, stopping once a week to visit iconic locations in aid of RNLI – Royal National Lifeboat Institution who have saved at least 140,000 lives at sea since 1824.
I am one of 2 people that have signed up for all 8 legs of the journey. (As if I would do just one, I’m all or nothing). The remaining 2 rowing positions will be filled with a different person each week, which is so exciting.

What I am looking forward to most is spending time with so many adventurous people, getting to grips with ocean life and most of all seeing and admiring the beautiful coastline of Great Britain.

The adventure is going to cost me £21,000 – hahahahaha. As if £120,000 for the Atlantic wasn’t enough, I now need an extra 21K.  Oops.


Monkey Nuts Adventure was originally set up to not only promote our Atlantic Rowing challenge but also to promote spontaneous adventures, minimal living, getting outside and character building through challenges.

Thank you all for the support, encouragement, kind words and donations so far!  Stay tuned on here to catch up on our adventures and challenges, and follow the journey that is set to be a great one.

“How are you going to raise £21,000?” I hear you say. I have no idea. I am going to attempt to not go for the standard approach and ask people for money, but instead be creative. I have a few ideas up my sleeve – like visiting business and offering activity days and workshops in order to promote health, fitness and wellbeing. There’s also this other really whack idea I have but I am waiting to be brave enough to do it.

So that’s it, I am going to row around Great Britain – ROCK ON!  I can’t wait!!!!!!