Health & Fitness Magazine Photoshoot

When I posted my behind-the-scenes magazine shoot pictures with Health & Fitness Magazine on FB, they got quite a lot of love. In hindsight this post might have been a little dramatic. I think I was tired – no surprise there then 😉 Click the link below to see how my day went. There’s also a video diary too. The Health & Fitness Magazine Photoshoot Continue reading Health & Fitness Magazine Photoshoot

Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon

11/05/17 Oh my goodness. I have been meaning to write this post for months. Perhaps even years. I don’t think I have ever grabbed my laptop quicker than I just did to write this post. I was mindlessly (embarrassed to say that) scrolling though Facebook and saw this (picture below). I recognised it instantly – Raynaud’s phenomenon.   I am no doctor, neither am I a nutritionist … Continue reading Curing Raynaud’s Phenomenon