It Finally Happened!!!

20/04/17 The (Not So) Secret Life of a Fundraiser…… After my last post, I figured it was only fair to deliver you a slightly more upbeat running commentary of my fundraising antics. Yesterday I secured a major sponsor! I am delighted to announce that eMoov will be the Lead Sponsor for my 1,800 mile rowing challenge around Great Britain! It hasn’t really sunk it yet. Have … Continue reading It Finally Happened!!!

The Secret Life of a Fundraiser

Well….. that’s step 1 done…… At least I got out of bed after 36 hours. In that time I didn’t open the curtains (despite it being a wonderful sunny Good Friday), I didn’t eat, I barely drank anything, cried most of the time, threw in some sleep for good measure, didn’t shower or brush my teeth. I’m still in the same clothes I was wearing 3 days … Continue reading The Secret Life of a Fundraiser

Tough Girl Podcast Part 3

Hello! Welcome to part 3 of the 7 Woman 7 Challenges Tough Girl Podcast. Minutes before this interview, I was busy having a battle with myself….. “Shall I pretend everything is ok and be positive?” or “shall I tell the truth and say that I am having a hard time with fundraising?” After an extremely busy day (video diary below) it seemed that the latter happened. I’ve … Continue reading Tough Girl Podcast Part 3

Radio Interview on Phoenix FM

28/03/17 Here’s round 2 of me delving into my life on the radio. This one didn’t feel like I was being thrown in at the deep end as much as the last. The guys from Phoenix FM were celebrating their 10th birthday and hosting the show on the road, which was fascinating to see. A few bits of technology whizzed their voices and music across to 40,000 people in Essex … Continue reading Radio Interview on Phoenix FM

Radio Interview with BBC Essex

21/03/17 Well that was exciting!  I just got interviewed on The Ronnie Barbour Show on BBC Essex Radio. After getting to grips with doing interviews on the Tough Girl podcast, I didn’t feel as nervous as I usually do and arrived all prepared with cue cards in case I got tongue tied. In turns out that Ronnie didn’t even ask much about my rowing challenge!  He had … Continue reading Radio Interview with BBC Essex


After a very successful February Challenge, me and the #sugarfreefeb gang decided to continue with another monthly challenge: The 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge! (click the link on the text above the read where the idea came from). I’d already decided and started this challenge mid- late February after listening to Scott Carney’s What Doesn’t Kill Us audiobook. Amazingly, as I was about to suggest … Continue reading MARCH CHALLENGE

Bushcraft Skills Day with The IOL

13/02/17 In another impromptu moment, I was invited to attend a bushcraft and survival skills course at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire.  Without hesitation, I of course said yes as this is totally up my street. The 6.5 hour course, hosted by the Institute for Outdoor Learning cost £45, (for IOL members, £90 for non-members) and covered the following: Confident fire lighting Using natural materials for survival and shelter … Continue reading Bushcraft Skills Day with The IOL

February Challenge Conclusion

Roll up. Roll up. Who wants to hear about how my Sugar Free February Challenge went? 35 days of a sugar-free living and I am loving it, as are my 2 friends who joined the Sugar Free Revolution (I named it that 😇). After posting my challenge on social media, I was thrilled that Paul (the inspiration behind #sugarfreefeb) and I got a new recruit, Martyn. We started a Facebook Messenger … Continue reading February Challenge Conclusion