Why I Don’t Do New Years Resolutions

How many times have you heard it? “I’m going to lose weight this year.” “I’m going to stop smoking this year.” “I’m going to see my family more this year.” These are all GREAT New Year’s resolutions, but in my opinion, it’s all a load of codswallop. Scanning around on the internet, once article suggests just 8% of people stick to their resolutions. Another suggests 80% … Continue reading Why I Don’t Do New Years Resolutions

The Anti-inflammatory Shot

This blog was inspired by the Food Pharmacy : The professor’s anti-inflammatory turmeric shot. Many of you may have seen me necking a shot of bright orange lumpy slime most mornings on my Instagram stories. I’m amused by how many people A). find it entertaining and B). want the recipe. Well here you are you delicious people. (PLEASE NOTE: You do realise by reading this you … Continue reading The Anti-inflammatory Shot

Your Easy Guide to Twitter

I love Twitter. I love its instantness. There are no filtered-to-the-max photos (*cough – Instagram). There’s no over-elaborated explanation of what’s going. Just short, punchy pieces of information and a few pictures, giving an insight into the lives of the people I find interesting. When I declare my love of Twitter to clients and friends, they often reply with “I just don’t get it.” The … Continue reading Your Easy Guide to Twitter