The Journey So Far




Well, what a journey it has been so far!  First, we were 3 Men & A Little Lady, me and 3 male friends who were going to be the first mixed team to ever complete the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Looking back, it was always set to happen, I fell for the only single guy in the group. In fact, I fell madly in love with him and we got together. Thankfully the other 2 guys were totally cool with it.

It then came to light that the 2 guys with a family and important jobs couldn’t commit to the training and the fundraising campaign.  It really is like nothing else I have ever experienced, it has truly taken over my life. Everything I do is with the rowing challenge in mind. Some call me obsessed.  To that, I am complimented as only the obsessed achieve remarkable things.

Anyway, back to the story.

From 3 Men & A Little Lady, down to just 2 of us, we then set to find another 2 new members to join our team.  Something we felt optimistic about – who wouldn’t want to row the Atlantic AND set a new race record to be the first mixed team to ever do it??? Surely, we’d get hundreds of applicants?  No. We got just a handful, and despite being great athletes, it just didn’t quite work.

12645210_1656324667960781_7910630678901361676_nSo then the decision; to carry on searching for 2 more members? Or to continue as a mixed pair? Boyfriend and girlfriend conquering the ocean together?  After much persuasion from myself, we decided on the latter.

That was that. We called ourselves Monkey Nuts Adventure because that’s what a 4-year-old nephew in the family suggested and we were ready to go!

It was always going to be a massive gamble taking on a challenge as a couple, but after several happenings in both our personal lives, it began to take a strain on matters. The things we experienced individually were enough to test even the strongest of relationships, but after several things happening to both of us AT THE SAME TIME, it proved just too much to juggle everything.  To be perfectly honest, I am surprised we lasted so long, but that is what gave me hope.

As we built ourselves up again and started seeing a future it became apparent that each of our goals was moving in different directions.

Both of us had been in the same career industries since we had left school. Being the ambitious people we are, we left our jobs at a similar time, vowing to go ahead and create the career of our dreams.  Sadly, it was this  that was the final pull, leading us to our decision to part ways.  It’s sad really, a decision so positive, to go ahead and chase our dreams, was the one which caused our team, and relationship to fall apart.

12799095_1664411617152086_6659794346078695357_nSo now, there is just one. One Little Lady.

I am going to continue with my campaign to row across the Atlantic ocean.  I have not raised a lot of money but I am so far in, I cannot turn back.  I dream about being on that boat, under the stars, pulling on those oars until my hands bleed, seeing the wonders and nature that Mother Nature has created, existing with the minimum of items and experiencing some of the highest highs and the lowest lows.  I think about it all the time. Coming into that finish line, somewhat naked, and being so happy in the finishers picture that my eyes are closed from smiling so hard.


I am not going to do it by myself though.  I wish I was strong enough but I am not.  My extrovert personality and mental strength would not allow me to be out there by myself.

Therefore, I am looking for a team to join, or people crazy enough to join me to make our own team.

I have 2 visions – to find a group of 3 massively strong guys to create a new race record or to join another wildly adventurous and strong lady and complete it as a pair.  I am not ruling out any other combinations but figured I’d set my intentions in black and white and then the universe can answer my wishes.

The future for me?

I have a passion for adventures, especially those in the UK. I love exploring the beautiful country we live on, going on micro adventures with a shoe strong budget and think it is important to inject money, if only a little, into our economy.  It all comes back to a piece that I heard on the radio a while back, about the grass not always being greener.

So in the future, I would like to promote UK adventures and hopefully I can start making plans where others come along and join the fun.  So many people tell me they would love to go on a microadventure but have no-one to go with, that their friends don’t like stuff like that, so what a perfect opportunity to provide a service for people. Monkey Nuts Adventure was always been about spontaneous adventure, exploring, character building through challenge and most of all fun so that is the way things will stay.


For now,  I am going to concentrate on my new career, and I have £21,000 to raise in order to take part in my next big challenge to row around the coast of Great Britain next summer. There’s a lot to do. I best crack on.

Thank you for reading. And thank you for the support so far.

And the meantime, if you get an overwhelming urge to want to row the Atlantic, first decide if you are ready to give up the next 2 years of your life to join a crazy bird, then if you are still keen, please get in touch.

Lots of love, hope, passion and dreams.

LT xxxxxxxx